Martin Teltser: Sharing God’s Words

Thinking twice where your soul will go
JAmerica and Other Vloggers, Where is your love?
Spiritual Abuse and Religious Trauma Syndrome (RTS)
Trinity and Oneness of God
Clarification of Tongue
Clarification of One God
Analyzing God’s Words over Congregation’s Doctrine
Why Thinking About Hurting or Killing People and/or Yourselves
Encouraging Imperfect Christians to Make Right Way
Facts of Heaven and Hell
Clarification of Tithing
Legalism and Repentance
Resisting the Devil
What does a church mean to you?
Blind Leading the Blind
Holy Spirit and Unholy Spirit
Clarification of Eunuch
Praying for Struggling People
Law and Grace
Praying for Criminals
Clarification of Trinity
Why Satan Tried to Defeat God
Durability of Faith
Why Believe in God and Jesus?
Tefillin & Fringes
Remembering Lord’s Passover
Purim Story
Why We Sing to Him
Free Christmas Gift
Hanukkah Story
Thankfulness to Him [Heavenly Father]
Unity of God’s Children
No Church Competition
Sukkot – Jewish Holiday
The Importance of the Holy Spirit
Parable of the Sower
Yom Kippur – Jewish Holiday
Rosh Hashanah – Jewish Holiday
Vision of Christian Life
Prisoners Still Having Hope
Why is Faith Important to God?
Pharisee and Tax Collector
Wheat and Tares